Essay 2


1.Write 5000 words (+ or – 10%) including the text of your essay but excluding the cover page, reference list, footnotes and appendices.

  1. Within the boundaries of your approved topic area and developing from your first essay, set yourself a second essay question which develops your own argument or position in relation to the literature. Your position should analyse and in some way critique the literature or discipline.
  2. Communicate with your essay question to your Supervisor and fine tune or proceed according to his/ her advice.
  3. Write your essay in an appropriate academic style and particularly ensure you use ‘third person’ narrative, Harvard style in-text citation and referencing.
  4. Utilise at least 10 high quality academic-style resources (e.g. textbooks, books and

journals) and try to ensure that you use no or only a small number of internet sources.

  1. Do not undertake primary research.
  2. Do not copy any materials you use word for word unless you identify these sections clearly as quotations.
  3. If you paraphrase any materials you must identify the materials’ sources through in-text referencing.


Marking Criteria Marks allocated to criteria:

Focus Does the essay set up a clear essay question to address? Does the essay stay within and fulfil the topic parameters? 10%


Cogency and critique Is the essay well reasoned and well-informed? i.e. does it have a critically-reflective position or argument which shows insight into the topic and the academic discipline? 30%


Synthesis Does the essay bring together the literature in a significant manner that addresses the essay question? 20%


Soundness Does the essay indicate a comprehensive understanding of the topic, literature, theory and evidence utilised? 20%


Clarity of structure Is the essay well organised and logically constructed to achieve synthesis while being mindful of the needs of the reader? 10%


Mechanical Soundness Is the essay clearly written, spell checked and grammatically sound and referenced appropriately? 10%


Research Log – Essay 2 ( Example )




Time Spent

Search Terms

Results (# of records)

Evaluation of material (how/what will it contribute to your essay or support your argument?)



1 and a half hour

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