21st century organization
Create a 10 pages synthesis paper using at least ten references; typed and double-spaced; excluding the title page, table of contents, abstract, and reference page in the page count, that includes the following points:
• Use the Alden (2011) and Brookfield (1998) articles from this unit’s study to reflect on your individual performance with the performance-based scenario-planning project.
• Evaluate your contribution to the team process and the final presentation using specific examples from your experiences.
Consider the following in your reflection:
• Did you consistently exhibit behaviors and skills required in a successful 21st-century organization and team?
• How were your behaviors adaptive, confident, dynamic, and prepared to work in an uncertain environment?
• How did your behaviors exhibit your strengths, overcome threats and weaknesses, and take advantage of opportunities?
• On the basis of your experience in this course, what will you do differently in your next team assignment?
Use the scholarly literature to support your arguments….

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