a) Kimbo Traders commenced a business on 1st Jan. 2010 with Ksh.300,000 cash in bank.During the first week ended 8th Jan.2010 the following transactioms took place.

2nd Jan.-Withdrew sh.80,000 cash from bank for office use.
3rd Jan.-Bought stock of goods on credit shs.43,000 from Njeri Traders.
4th Jan.-Sold stock of goods on credit shs.33,000 to James Traders.
5th Jan.-Withdrew shs.8,000 cash from bank for personal use.
6th Jan.-Purchased furniture and fittings worth shs.10,000 by cheque.
7th Jan.-Paid for the goods purchased on credit from Njeri Traders shs.10,000 in cash.
Open all relevant accounts and record the above transactions(10marks)
(b)Highlight five features undertaken by the government of Kenya to create an enabling environment to business people in the country.(10marks)





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