750 Words Essay 8 Hrs

Here are my PPT from different chapters. I need 750 words of my part.
If theres any questions, let me know. Keep in contact. Thanks.

Oh! Read the case!!!!! I knew its a lots, but have to read it clearfully before you write
This is a huge group case study project, the course name is Organizational Behavior. Its a part of the Marketing.

Requires, this case study must apply what i have learned of this course. (use course content to solve the case.) I will send you the PPT from class by the end.

cause this is a group projectm, so i only needs to do a part of it.

its made by problem statement+3 Alternatives + Recommendation and implementtation plan. My part is the 2 Alternatives. Just in case, you have to include the pros and cons of each alternative and their specific links to this course’s concepts. I will show it as a screenshot
This screenshot is also the rubric, REMEMBER, use the specific links to course concepts. Pro and Cons parts weighted a lots

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Summarize the status of these groups as explained in the readings.

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write about two of these stories that either (a) share a theme, which means that both stories essentially make the same point in their own ways or (b) share a topic, but have differing themes, which means they make different points about the same topic. 

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How do you define privacy?

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