1. A sinusoidal voltage applied to the input of a CRO with the timebase turned off will result in


(a) a vertical line on the screen

(b) no screen display at all

(c) a sinusoidal display

(d) the display of the positive half-cycle of the input waveform

2. If two complete cycles of the alternating signal applied to the X input of a CRO are to be displayed, the frequency of the time base signal applied to the Y input must be

(a) the same as the X input frequency (b) twice the X input frequency

(c) any value at all

(d) half the X input frequency

3. A sinusoidal alternating-voltage wave is applied to a CRO and the peakto- peak measurement of the trace is 4.2 cm. If the Y amplifier setting is 100 V/cm, the RMS value of the displayed voltage is

(a) 420 V (b) 296 V (c) 210 V (d) 148 V