Abercrombie and Fitch: Expanding into the European Market. (45%) 2014/15.


Learning outcomes: Students in undertaking this assessment will be able to



Each student is required to analyse and write a report on the following case study:


“Case 2.1 Abercrombie and Fitch:Expanding into the European Market.” Pages 468-472.  of your main text Ghauri and Cateora text book  4th Edition.(2014)


Answer  all questions 1-5 on page 471 of your main text Ghauri and Cateora 4th Edition (2014)


Q1 – 20%

Q2 –  20%

Q3( –20%

Q4  – 20%

Q5 –  10%


Structure – 10%


Each question must demonstrate your ability to




Course Work Submission Guidelines

You need to submit 2 copies of your work – electronically and hard copy



Completed work must be handed in at UNIHELP (in the library)by 16th February 2015.  Any submission after this date will NOT be graded. For any extenuating circumstances and extensions please contact the student office. A turnitin copy must also be submitted on line as well.