In any program it is important to acquaint the students with the ongoing thought in the field and to have them become familiar with the relevant professional materials and thought process in this field. This assignment will meet both goals. This assignment consists of four criteria, intended to design, collect and analyze data such as the following:

a) Organizational Background

b) Issues at the individual level

c) Use of groups, teams and processes to achieve performance objectives

d) Strategies and Interventions at the Organizational level to improve performance

Be sure that you probe for both learning needs and performance improvement needs. You should select an organization in your chosen field to identify the data you plan to collect and analyze, but your final submittal of your intervention should be unique to the particular company that you choose to write about. Be sure to select an organization that has available information regarding the assignment. You should try to use a recent or current employer as the subject of your paper.

The paper should formatted as follows:
1” margins on all sides
Font: 12 point Times New Roman
Your individual paper should not exceed eight (8) pages of content, not including cover page or appendices.
The APA style must be used. Be sure to include a cover page and work cited. Refer to the APA manual.

A total of 100 possible points may be earned.
Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Format 15

Clarity of Introducing & Analyzing
Organizational Background 25

Identification and Clarity of Discussing
Parts B, C, and D (above) and Conclusion 35

Depth of Analysis and Overall Quality of Writing 25