Title: Presentation of Solution

Brief:Students are required to analyse and implement the case study selected in their previous assignment and present the solution to the class

Weight: 30%

Submission Requirements


In the first assignment, you have proposed a digital transformation project and the related literature review.

During week 1 to week 6 of this course, you will learn about concepts and case studies for :


You are asked to do a pitch for an idea incubator group so that your project can move towards a “proof of concept” stage (and ready for executive support).

The context is that you are presenting within a start-up communityand/or innovation group of an existing company. The audience is your peers and some guest judges.

In the presentation, you are encouraged to use visual aids for describing how your digital systems would look like (e.g. mobile app, web-based platform, etc) – this can be using Powerpoint or visual prototyping tools like Microsoft Visio and Omnigraffle (will be explored in class).

Your presentation needs to cover how the business and technology can be aligned: 1) has tangible value and potential return of investment, 2) can be supported by the organisational infrastructure, and 3) can have a lasting and sustainable impact.


Your proposed project should be explained into a executive summary style that is suitable for a maximum of 2-3 minutes read (max 300 words). Include visual aids (counted as 50 words) to help clarifying your ideas.

Your presentation is a 5 minutes pitch, which will be followed by Q&A and feedback (to a total of 10 minutes). You will be stopped at 7 minutes to ensure time for questions – preparation and time organisation is part of the marking.


See attached rubric

Supporting files/exemplars:

There are many existing articles to inspire you preparing for your pitch.

Examples: “How to create a pitch deck” (Forbes), “12 Easy steps for a perfect pitch” (American Express)