Description and requirements

1.Useoneof the tools provided in theChange Leaders Toolboxto audit or survey an organisation. The audit should report on one of the following:

a.Tool 2PEST(LE) analysis

b.Tool 3SWOT analysis

c.Tool 4Cultural capital & maturity assessment tool

d.Tool 5Change readiness audit tool

e.Tool 6Organisational maturity scorecard

f.Tool 7Mapping leadership methods to change audit results

g.A tool you source and have approved by your lecturer. [10 marks]


2.Analyse and report your findings with regards the organisations preparedness for change or the major changes that will impact the organisation and should be systematically managed under a change project. Be sure to make insights and observations based on the literature provided with this unit and well-grounded academic research you have conducted in support of your findings. [10 marks]


This may be based on a case study or organisational profile you have accessed, your own organisation or one with which you can gain sufficient permission to access, or a study your lecturer may provide if you cannot satisfy the other options.