Description/Focus: Business Communication Essay


Task: Managers in organisations often need to communicate difficult information on several levels, to staff who are working under them or to report unpleasant news upwards. You work as the Vice Chancellor of a University in Sydney.Due to recent coronavirus, theUniversityhas met tough times and has decided to curtail all unnecessary expenses such as updating key software and hardware, paper printing and24 hour access to campus facilities.The new proposallimitsthe campus opening and closing time to four days a week between 9 to 5pm. All classes are scheduled in this time and staff/students are expected to work from home outside these timings.Critically analyse how you would use business communication theories to “convince” theUniversity staff/students to adhere to new policy.


Presentation: Assignments are to be typed, 1.5 lines spacing, and 12-point font.

Students must use Academic Essay format.

Students are to use the CDU Harvard referencing system, available at

In-text citations are included in the word limit. The reference list is not included in the word limit.

Any references or content in the appendix will not be counted towards the word limit of1200-1500 words.

Consult rubric online.