Assignment: Business Architecture Modeling Part of a detail-level business architecture definition requires that various types of diagrams must be developed using a standardized modeling notation to capture and represent the various views of a business architecture. The standard notation used today for process, organization, and location modeling is BPMN 2.x. To prepare for this Assignment, choose a BPMN tool. Select either a trial version of a closed-source, commercial BPMN tool listed on the BPMN Forum Tools page, or install one of the open-source tools or plug-ins listed. In this Assignment, write a 4- to 6-page paper that addresses the following: 1. Analyze and design business architecture artifacts for the Adopt-A-Farm virtual business based on your models and blueprints in the previous units. Use the BPMN tool you selected to create process maps and other business architecture modeling artifacts specifically for Adopt-A-Farm. Verify that the various diagrams you develop are consistent with one another, with the solutions submitted in previous units, and reflect the proper selection and use of a mainstream architecture modeling tool. 2. Explain your choice of certain BPMN notations over others as it relates to Adopt-A-Farm. 3. Explain how the model aligns with the reference architecture you developed previously.