Analyze the social impact of World War One inside the USA- on the domestic front- in the 1910s.

Prompt (Choose One):

1. What were the meaningful impacts of Populism and Progressivism on the policies and electoral outcomes of the two-party system contest between Democrats and Republicans?

2. Evaluate the United States’ emergence as a full, imperial power in the 1890-1920s.

3. Analyze the social impact of World War One inside the USA- on the domestic front- in the 1910s. Discuss politics, culture, and social impacts.


1000 words
Double space
12-point font
Standard written English
One-inch margins
Chicago style footnote citations. Do not cite in MLA style.

-Your paper must have a main idea/thesis/argument. It cannot be a summary of the reading. Your thesis must answer the prompt.
-Your paper must be carefully edited. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling count.
-Cultivate your own voice/style. You will be writing a lot of papers in college, so find your voice. This means papers by different students on the same prompt should be distinct. It does not mean the papers are about you. Do not write about yourself and do not use a conversational tone or self-references..
-You must demonstrate understanding and familiarity with Week 5-8 course readings: Unfinished Nation, Ch 19-22 and American Perspectives, Ch 4-7. If you do not use both texts your paper will not pass.
-These are reading response essays, not research papers. There should be no other source material beyond Brinkley’s Unfinished Nation and the articles from American Perspectives; do not summarize content you have read on the internet.  Use only Unfinished Nation and American Perspectives.
-A paper with no citations is an F paper.

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