A good essay will begin with a thesis that clearly summarizes your analysis of the proposition. You may agree, disagree, or agree in part and disagree in part with the proposition. Use the materials that the question requires plus other material that we have studied this semester to support your thesis. You are limited to 900 words per essay.
4. Charles Reich argued that the mid-20th century expansion of government largess threatened to undermine the protections of liberty that the Bill of Rights embodies. He argued that accepting direct governmental aid, such as welfare, social security or unemployment payments, should not give the government the power to intrude upon a citizen’s liberty. However, Reich did not face the problem of chronic homelessness that confronts many urban areas in the 21st century. The appropriate remedy for chronic homelessness is to provide supportive shelters for the homeless where the government can require the homeless live in exchange for receiving government aid. In these supportive shelters, the former homeless should be required to follow the rules developed for their own good, even if these rules impinge on their constitutional rights. Such rules could include taking prescribed medicines for mental conditions, attending classes to help transition them to gainful employment, and participating in treatment for problems with addiction.
Proposition: The courts should recognize that homeless people who will not properly provide for themselves need to be treated differently from other citizens.
Analyze this proposition using the ideas of at least two of the following writers besides Reich: Milton Friedman, Ronald Coase, William Graham Sumner, Penalver and Katyal, Property Outlaws, John-Jacques Rousseau.