analyze two resources on brain development in the early years

Educators are professionals who strive to stay current on topics about their field. Educators can locate credible information, use the information to inform their practice, and connect the right resource to families, children, and co-workers.

For this assignment, analyze two resources on brain development in the early years.

The analysis of the resources should include a summary of the content

Using the linked resource analysis template

, locate and analyze resources that you might use to inform your professional practice.

Assignment tips:

· In each module, you will analyze resources based on a specific topic and submit your analysis of resources for course points. You may choose to save the resource analysis template and add to it in each module (compiling one research file throughout the course) or open, save, and submit a new resource template in each module. Please submit this assignment in the format that will be most beneficial to you in organizing research to use in your practice.

· You may choose the resources to analyze. However, in each module at least one resource must be from an academic database. For tips on how to conduct a database search, view this video.

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