W3 kevin

We need the support of Britain and we need to support Britain! A strong unified British Empire is good for everyone. If we continue to support Britain through taxes and trade, they will continue to protect us here in the Colonies. The reason the French and Indian War was fought was to protect us, why should be not be taxed for the service of our mother country.  The colonies would be weak without the support of Britain, without their support we would have to worry about invasion from other countries. The money we are being tax is going to support the British economy that was depleted during the French and Indian war. Though we are paying taxes, we continue to profit from trade with England. They are able to take the raw materials that we produce and turn them into goods to be sold, the more profit they can turn the more we will benefit here in the Colonies. I know you believe that we should at least have representation in the Parliament, but it is too far away and not realistic. If we have a true concern about an issue at hand here in the colonies, we then can send a message back to the Parliament who assure you will be willing to help. Don’t forget that they do enjoy the added profit we bring them from the Colonies. We need to stop the violence here in the Colonies support our mother country and obey the laws in which she has outlined. Events such as the Boston Massacre and Tea Party are just unacceptable!



I am but a humble rich person living right by the Atlantic in the Americas. I do not understand the point that these Whig people are trying to make by saying they are not being fairly represented in the glorious and fabulous British Empire. The colonies are full of commoners, thus they are represented by the House of Commons in Parliament. Like hello, Common is in the name of the house. What is the problem? So, they think that this form of representation could be better, but I would like to make a counterpoint and ask, what in life could not be better? I would like an ice cold dairy based dessert whenever I want, but no such thing exists for me to indulge myself. I am not out here committing acts of rebellion against farmers. No, I suck it up, and move on with my bland food, of which there is plenty. But oh, now the Patriots are going to say that they didn’t vote for anyone in the House of Commons and therefore cannot be subject to their decisions. Well, the Patriots can join the club, cause I did not vote for anyone in the government either, but here I am serving my country the best I can every day. They have no sense in what the real world is like. This version of representation they seek is unlike any definition the world has ever known.





As a loyalist, I remain loyal to Great Britain. We need to fight for what is right, remain peaceful and stop the mob from pursuing tyranny. As the economy continues to grow, more shops will open and we need to continue the steady supply of goods for trade, but this violence needs to stop. We will stay loyal to the Crown and turn our backs to the immoralities of the Patriots, and in the long run this will pay off. The British will protect us, give us the support we need to keep our shops open and the supply chain running. With the help of the loyal farmers who have remained on our side, we will continue to buy their grain and butter while they purchase our useful tools, like nails and ribbons. I strongly believe that mercantilism is the future of us, providing us with a stronger economic system and benefitting us with relationships among founding countries. We will remain loyal to the Crown!