Purpose: To give students an opportunity to apply concepts from this course to real life. Seven stages of life will be observed: infants, early childhood, middle and late childhood, adolescents, early adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood. Course Objectives Addressed: One, two, and three Total Points 300: Part 1 Paper = 70 points Part 2 Paper = 70 points Part 3 Paper = 70 points Observation Feedback Paper Part 1, 2, and 3 = 50 points Directions: Students will observe each stage of life for at least 20 minutes. The location may be a public space, or a personal space related to the student (home, dormitory, apartment, etc.) (See Rule 3). Students will then fill out the questionnaire associated with that stage of life. Answers must be well thought out and in complete sentences. Rules 1. Each stage of life must be observed for at least 20 minutes. You can certainly observe for more time if you would like. 2. You may to interact with the people that you are observing. 3. If a stage of life is difficult to locate, then a media clip (of at least 20 minutes) may be chosen instead. You must include a reference to the clip. Media options include movies, tv shows, you-tube videos, etc. 4. Students may only use the media option for THREE (3) of the SEVEN (7) stages. 5. The assignment must be typed using 12 point font and Times Roman, Calibri, or Ariel. Handwritten versions will not be accepted. Please type directly into this document. 6. Answer the questions with complete sentences. 7. Remember: This is an assignment, not an exam. You may ask the professor for help if you do not understand a question. This is encouraged! 8. Submit this assignment to the D2L dropbox on dates and times indicated on the class schedule. If D2L is unavailable, the instructor will provide directions for submission.