Wordcount: 2,750 words excluding appendices
Artist: Sigmar Polke
Painting: A bit more Order is Needed in the Name of Anarchy

ASSIGNMENT: Art Secured Lending – Due diligence Report

You have been asked by a private bank to provide a due-diligence report on an individual art work which they are considering accepting as collateral for a 5 year-fixed bullet loan. Pick a fine art object of your choice (must have a market value above $100,000) and carry out the following due-diligence research:

1. Artist specific information
2. Object specific information

3. Artist Market Analysis
4. Value appraisal
5. Risk appraisal : Graphs from Arttactic to include
a. Market Risks : Graphs from Arttactic to include

b. Art work specific risks:
i. Quantitative: volatility and price-risk
ii. Qualitative: object risks, eco-system/ endorsement risks
6. Final recommendation

Assessment criteria:
– Structure and clarity: Is the proposal clearly and professional presented? Is it logically structured? Are the key points convincingly argued?
– Rigour of research: What tools/methodology has been used to undertake the research? Are a range of relevant sources used to inform the discussion?
– Application of the theory: Is there evidence of understanding of underlying theory taught in the course? Are there references to appropriate academic research that can inform practical choices?
– Quantitative and Qualitative valuation and risk factors: Does the student demonstrate knowledge and skills in applying both quantitative and qualitative tools to the analysis.
– Credibility: Would the bank be willing to lend against the object based on this proposal?
I forgot to add to my notes that I need this to be highly structured, organized and eloquent. Also, highly important – graphs (art tactic) need to be included also for the art market analysis.
Please do get back to me for further information.This assignments requires a writer who,
– is knowledgable about the financial dynamics of the art market.
– as well as art itself.
Please make sure to assign a writer who is capable of doing so.
Thank you so much in advance for your effort.