Online Assignment for MED 240 Lab

Virtual Lab for 4/1/21


Please assess the following case studies that you may encounter in the workplace setting and give me a detailed response to each situation. Please use the MLA format for this paper.  Each scenario should include the prompt and a paragraph detailing your response and any pertinent information that you feel is important for the situation. Each paragraph should be at minimum between 150 and 200 words. The responses must be backed up by concrete information, not because you think it is correctI need you to know that it is correct. Must include a works cited page. Please use Grammarly at to spellcheck your paper.



· After administering an allergy injection to a patient, you accidentally puncture the palm of your left hand with the needle. What should you do?


· A six-month-old patient and his 3-year-old brother are both to receive IM injections. Which administration sites would you choose for each?


· While administering an intramuscular injection of ampicillin to a patient, you note a slight trace of blood in the syringe. What should you do?