Programs can obviously be created to the same thing in many language. In the Unit 3 assignment you used Python to create your programs to make financial calculations. In this assignment you will use C to perform the same duties.



Complete the following exercises using C programming language and Code:Blocks. Take screenshots of the code and its output where specified and paste them into in a well-labeled Word document for submission.


Assume you are the CIO of an organization with three different IT department locations with separate costs. You want a program to perform simple IT expenditure calculations. Your IT expenditure target is $35,000 per site.

Site expenditures:
Site 1 – $35,000.
Site 2 – $37,500.
Site 3 – $42,500.

Exercise 1: Create a Program
  1. Create a program that gathers user input, performs calculations on it and then displays the results.
    • Prompt and accept user input for the annual IT expenditure for each of the three company sites. Each subsequent site entry point should automatically appear after hitting return and then perform the calculation after the third site has been submitted.
    • Calculate and display the average of the three.
    • Display one of the following messages:
      • “The average site expenditure is meeting the organization’s target goals!” if the average is equal to or below the target.
      • “The average site expenditure is NOT meeting the organization’s target goals.” if it is above the average.
  2. Write a program that performs the operations outlined in the flowchart. Save and run the program and take a screenshot of your code and its results and paste it into the Word document with your flowchart.
Exercise 2: Using the “While Loop”

Write a program that uses a while loop to accomplish the same calculations as in Exercise 1. The program should capture your input values and assign the values to a variable. Use the same target value as in Exercise 1.

Your program should:

Save and run the program and take a screenshot of your code and the results of running the program after all inputs have been made.

Exercise 3 – Calculating Monthly Expenses

Imagine you are the IT manager for Site 3 that had annual IT expenses of $42,500. Your site was above the target of $35,500 and you want to review your monthly expenses for each month of that year to determine in what months the over-expenditure occurred.

Write a program that:

Save and run the program and take a screenshot of your code and the results of running the program and paste it into the Word document.

Exercise 4 – Evaluating a Program’s Security

Examine the programs that you wrote and identify code that might have security-related implications. Explain a how that portion of code either enhances code security or introduces a security vulnerability.

Submit your well-labeled Word document that includes all elements specified in the exercises.