attractiveness of the business in which the (Apple) operates

General instructions: • All the following questions should be answer based on (Apple) COMPANY. • The number of the words in the 3 parts should be 3000 words, the lecturer is strict in the words amount any + in the words -10% in the mark . • Please use appropriate charts and figures to support and clarify the answer. • Please avoid sweeping generalisations that are not justified or supported and avoid inappropriate citation • Please note that I have to read all the reference that you’ll use in this review because I have to discuss with my supervisor, so please make a good use of them and put just the reference that you used.

NOTE: give each section enough attention.
get the point and be simple and critical.


1-Using the PESTLE and the 5-forces frameworks, evaluate the attractiveness of the business in which the (Apple) operates. 1) for clarification what does PESTLE mean. 2- What are the main factors affecting the profit potential for (Apple) company? How and why do these factors affect competitors in ways that are different (positive or negative) from (APPLE) company.

2-Using appropriate models, (value chain) identify how yAPPLE company creates competitive advantage in the marketplace and evaluate if these advantages are relevant for future success.

3- Using the SWOT analysis, summarise the current competitive position and potential of (Apple) company.


1-Using the TOWS matrix, convert the SWOT analysis into a set of strategic options available to (Apple) company for the period 2014 to 2017. Which of the alternatives do you consider the most appropriate for the company, and why have you selected this option? Matrix (please answer it in a table and choose the most appropriate strategic option for the company and explain why have you selected this option?)

2-State (a) what you believe ought to be the key objectives and performance measures for (Apple) company for this period and (b) the reasons why you have selected these objectives and measures.

3-list the programme headings that make up a cohesive strategy for achieving these objectives, explaining how you have derived these from the preceding analyses. NOTE* just a list a simple list.


1- Explain how you would communicate your selected strategy within Apple company, bearing in mind that this company is a global operation with employees throughout the whole world.


Prepare a 2-3 page max narrative discussing the content and your thoughts regarding the importance (or lack of importance) of developing such a strategy.

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