Aniline is produced by the hydrogenation of nitrobenzene. A small amount of cyclohexylamine is produced as a by-product. The reactions are: C6H5NO2 + 3 H? C6H5NH2 + 2 H2O C6H5NO2 + 6 H2 ? C6H11NH2 + 2 H2O Nitrobenzene is fed to the reactor as a vapour, with three times the stoichiometic quantity of hydrogen. The conversion of the nitrobenzene, to all products, is 96%, and the yield to aniline 95%. The unreacted hydrogen is separated from the rector products and recycled into the reactor. The fresh hydrogen feed is 99.5% pure, the remainder being inerts. A purge is taken from the recycle stream to maintain the inerts in the recycle stream below 5%. All percentages are molar. For a feed rate of 100 kmol h-1 of nitrobenzene, calculate: (a) the fresh hydrogen feed, (b) the purge rate required, (c) the composition of the reactor outlet stream.