1. Leaching of Oil from Soybeans in a Single Stage. Repeat Example 31.2-1 for single-stage leaching of oil from soybeans. The 100 kg of soybeans contains 22 wt % oil and the solvent feed is 80 kg of solvent containing 3 wt % soybean oil.

2. Leaching a Soybean Slurry in a Single Stage. A slurry of flaked soybeans weighing a total of 100 kg contains 75 kg of inert solids and 25 kg of solution with 10 wt % oil and 90 wt % solvent hexane. This slurry is contacted with 100 kg of pure hexane in a single stage so that the value of N for the outlet underflow is 1.5 kg insoluble solid/kg solution retained. Calculate the amounts and compositions of the overflow V1 and the underflow L1 leaving the stage