1. Humidity and Wet Bulb Temperature. The humidity of an air– water vapor mixture is H = 0.030 kg H2O/kg dry air. The dry bulb temperature of the mixture is 60°C. What is the wet bulb temperature?

2. Dehumidification of Air. Air having a dry bulb temperature of 37.8°C and a wet bulb temperature of 26.7°C is to be dried by first cooling to 15.6°C to condense water vapor and then heating to 23.9°C.

a. Calculate the initial humidity and percentage humidity.

b. Calculate the final humidity and percentage humidity. [Hint: Locate the initial point on the humidity chart. Then, go horizontally (cooling) to the 100% saturation line. Follow this line to 15.6°C. Then, go horizontally to the right to 23.9°C.]