Practice Week 1- Assessment brief

Assessment #1: (60%)

Learning Objectives:

Main Task: ‘Prepare an application pack’

The first assessment is based on the activities you have covered in Practice week # 1. You have to prepare an application pack for a job you willidentify suitable (from the given list of ‘job adverts) for your first job after university and is designed to help you match your strengths to what the employer is asking for.Application pack should contain the following documents:

  1. Completed employability skills audit questionnaire (Download from BREO- under ‘Practice week 1 folder in ‘Guided learning’).
  2. Complete the Adult Directions (online tool) and take the screen shot of final page as evidence for submission.
  3. Completed application form (Download from BREO- under ‘Practice week 1 folder in ‘Guided learning’).
  4. Completed company checklist questionnaire (Download from BREO- under ‘Practice week 1 folder in ‘Guided learning’).
  5. Prepare a tailored CV for the chosen job specification from the given list- (see the slides for session on Tuesday- 11th November).
  6. Creating a LinkedIn profile
  7. ‘Writing up a list of 15 relevant people in the ‘job search area’you are following onsocial media. (i.e.LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)- see the template given on BREO.

You MUST make best use of ‘drop in sessions’ with respective tutors in practice week #1 to discuss your ‘work in progress’ (completing all the above documents which make up an application pack). This is the best chance to get a direct feedback and support from them.

Please use the ‘assessment criteria’ to assess your ‘work in progress’ as it will give you a fair ideaon the ‘expected grade.’


You should submit your work before 23:59- 23rd February2015 via Turnitin link which can be found in Assessment 1 folder under ‘Assessment & Feedback’ section.


Feedback will be provided within three weeks of submission date. You will find your feedback linked to your individual Turnitin document- Go to the submission link, click on it and select your document. You will find the feedback by selecting the speech bubble icon on the lower right hand side of the screen.


Mitigating Circumstances

If you are going to have difficulty submitting this assessment on time due to exceptional circumstances you should contact the Student Engagement Team as soon as possible. You can phone them on 01582 489622 or visit the team in the Campus Centre Level 2. Alternatively you can complete an online application for mitigating circumstances at:


Students Who Miss This Assessment

If you fail to submit this assessment on time than you will be given an opportunity to do a ‘referral’ where you will only be able to achieve a maximum of 40%- unless you have been awarded Mitigating Circumstances.