Career Relevancy

Career Relevancy

System administrators, storage engineers and system architects need to understand how hardware interfaces with a system, how applications and users utilize storage devices and how a solution should be based on the intended use of each of these storage types. The user experience with the system can be greatly affected by the correct choice of hardware that can balance, access speed, data storage size and cost.


Create an 8-15 slide presentation or a two-page APA formatted paper on several storage technologies and the pros and cons of each type. Slides should have an IT or business oriented professional theme with a cover page and APA reference slide at the end. A minimum of two APA references is required for the presentation. A paper should use the 6th Ed APA template provided by the instructor.

· Discuss storage hardware: Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, and Magnetic Tape Libraries

· Discuss the interface standards for each of the above storage types

· Discuss how each storage is appropriate several use cases: Applications, User File Storage, Backup and Recovery

· Discuss how requirements for storage access determine what hardware is selected for a use case

· Rank the solutions by cost vs performance

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