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how the early Christian Communities were structured toflourish in hostile environments

The early days of the Church could not be characterized as easy for those who proclaimed Christ as Savior. For the most part, Roman authorities were tolerant of other religions as long as those belief systems included an homage to the Roman emperor; however, the Romans became increasingly hostile towards Christians as they refused to take a syncretic approach toworship. But despite persecution, the followers of Christ increased in number. What facilitatedthis growth? As believers, we know that the Church’s growth is of the Lord and that we can learnfrom His work in the lives of early Christians. For this assignment, you will consider the role oforganizational structure and explore (a) how the early Christian Communities were structured toflourish in hostile environments, and (b) how contemporary organizations can….

Differentiate between home country, host country and TCN employees

In a minimum of 200 words please answer the following questions.

1. Identify the components of an executive compensation plan? 2. Differentiate between home country, host country and TCN employees. 3. Analyze benefits from the point of view of (a) employee security and health; (b) time not worked; and (c) employer-provided services. Describe some of the major items within each of these components. 4. Discuss the major issues and subissues that influence the pay of each employee. 5. Explain what is meant by the term real income (wages or pay) and the statement “keeping our employees whole” . What is the relationship between the two?

 How can mining organisations leave behind toxic waste and soil degradation?

You will be allocated to a group of three students who, in modules 5.2 (week 10) and 6.1 (week 11) will prepare a short, written scenario (around 500 words) that describes one ethical or sustainability issue facing an organisation of your choice. You will then use the scenario as the basis for completing your Assessment 3 report. Structure of scenario 1. Short description of organisation (100 words) 2. Description of the ethical issue (300 words) 3. List of key stakeholders 4. Statement of the ethical issue, in one sentence, in the form of a question (i.e. what is the decision the organisation must take) Examples of questions  How should a mobile phone company deal with the issue of waste caused by discarded phones?  How can mining….

Determine whether this economy is able to produce outside its current production possibilities. How might technological changes affect the production possibilities curve?


This assessment has three parts. Be sure to complete all three parts before submitting.

Part 1

Below is a production possibilities table for consumer goods (butter) and capital goods (guns). Production Possibilities

Type of Production Production Alternative A Production Alternative B Production Alternative C Production Alternative D Production Alternative E Production Alternative F Production Alternative G Butter 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Guns 14 13 11 9 7 4 0

Graph the data provided in the table using Excel. (Hints: Type your data into an Excel spreadsheet. With your mouse, highlight the data only. Go to insert. Click on scatter. Click on smooth lines chart. Select the line chart. Plot data drawing line.) Once you have graphed the data, please copy and paste your graph….

Why do you think so many of these movements are called “leaderless” movements?

Path-goal theory focuses on the ability of leaders to motivate followers to achieve success. The theory built upon the foundation of expectancy theory that states followers will be motivated when they are confident that they can be successful in achieving the goal. However, there have been many instances related to social movements as far back as the 1700s when followers have been motivated against many odds and barriers with a low likelihood of success. When you look at social movements like the Abolition Movement, Women’s Rights Movement, Labor Movements, Civil Rights Movement, and even Occupy Wall Street, followers were highly motivated, and the likelihood of success was not evident. Please answer all questions correctly Do you think these social movements contradict the path-goal theory? Justify your answer. Formulate….

Question 3: Has satisfaction with the manufacturer changed since the change in company ownership?

1. Run the paired samples t-test 2. Use satisfaction in January and satisfaction in June as the variable pair. 3. Report the descriptive statistics, assumptions tests, as well as tests of statistical significance. .In January ‘08, fifty customers of a lumber manufacturer were surveyed regarding their satisfaction with products and service. These customers buy from the supplier and sell to retail chains like Home

Choose a Middle Eastern organization in which you are currently working or with which you are familiar. Provide a brief description of the organization, including its history

Comprehensive Change Management Process (130 points) This project for this course requires students to create a comprehensive Change Management Process, including its origination and implementation. To complete this project, address the following:

Choose a Middle Eastern organization in which you are currently working or with which you are familiar. Provide a brief description of the organization, including its history, number of employees, products/services, mission/vision, strategies, etc. Discuss the problem or issue confronting the organization. Why is there a need to change (e.g., falling profits, low morale, challenges recruiting talented employees, etc.)? Assess the principle reasons for the organization’s problem or issue. What is the root cause and what are other causes of the problem/issue? Identify the intended change you propose for the organization. Detail the reasons for the….

Company Name – Merck Pharmaceuticals, USA.

Report outline below,  

IT Value to the organization.


IT infrastructure and Information flow (Databases, ERP systems, Telecommunications, E-commerce, ..)


Systems Development, Business Process Reengineering, and Management of IT.


Specialized IT applications (Knowledge work, Decision Support Systems, etc)


Social, ethical impact of IT, if any


Lessons learnt, critical review, and future suggestions.


Do you feel you were born a leader or do you feel that your training and experiences have created and fostered the leader within you? Your thoughts.

The most commonly assumed perception about leaders is that they are born instead of being made. However, there are many arguments given against this notion which says that the leaders with distinctive qualities are inborn. A meticulous analysis of all the leadership theories functions are of various dimensions and to understand how leaders work and achieve their goals with the help of others or rather it depends what skills and abilities they possess within them or how well they utilize the skills of others to achieve the desired results. But our focus will be on two theories namely The Great Man Theory and Trait Theory that suggest that great leaders are gifted with few traits that make them different from the masses and they nurture these skills throughout….

The two-hour program involved distance learning and was broadcast from the Sears training facility to fifty sales people at ten store locations in the United States

Sears designed a training program to improve took and hardware sales. The two-hour program involved distance learning and was broadcast from the Sears training facility to fifty sales people at ten store locations in the United States. The salespersons are paid $15 per hour. The program involved training salespeople in how to set up merchandise displays so they attract buyers’ attention. Sales of tools and merchandise at the ten store included in the program averaged $5,000 per week before the program and $6,500 per week after the program. Program costs included: Instructor $10,000 Distance Learning (satellite space rental) 5,000 Materials ($100 per trainee @ 50 trainees) 5,000 Trainees’ salaries and benfits (50 trainees with wages of $15 per hour in a 2- hour training program 1,500 1. What….