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Purposefully enticing children in advertisements to buy and eat junk food like Cheetos is unethical, because children are at the age where they focus on their pleasure

Answer the following questions about the quotes: ” and what they consider fun. Issues like what could be harmful or what could hurt wouldn’t occur to them to consider or take the concerns seriously leading to more and more children gaining more weight than they should. A possible solution is to add a word of caution or something at the end of the ads or on the bags/boxes of Cheetos. While it wouldn’t stop children from wanting/buying them, it’d at least give them multiple warnings of the consequences. From a young age, children learn to be conscious of their image, weight, and actions.” 1. Is this an ethical issue or a legal issue? 2. Is the issue debatable? In other words, dumping toxic waste is not really debatable…..

Module Seven Blog: Green for Profit or Green for the Environment? 

First, watch the following videos: What Is Corporate Social Responsibility? Marketing Strategy: Ethical Behavior in Marketing: What Are Marketing Ethics? The Social Responsibility of Business Then, review the presentation Corporate Social Responsibility. In your blog post, address the following: • Identify a retail brand that you believe is socially or ethically responsible. • How do you believe the company conducts business in a socially responsible way? Support your answer by discussing specific examples. • Has the company ever been involved in any incidents in which they were accused of not conducting business in an ethical or socially responsible manner? If so, briefly discuss the legal issues related to the incident(s). • Do you feel the company is “green” for profit or “green” for the environment? Guidelines for Submission: Complete your blog….

Governance, Ethics, and Sustainability

Property Millionaires is a company that offers ordinary people a range of real estate investment seminars and ongoing mentoring services. The philosophy at Property Millionaires is that anybody can become a property millionaire if they have the right mind set , education, and support. The company was established three years ago by successful real estate developer George Kirzner. He has grown Property Millionaires into a medium sized business employing over 100 staff with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. One year ago the company’s seminar sales increased dramatically and now its operations are expanding faster than the company’s capacity to hire and induct new staff. George considers this to be a great problem to have and continues to hold the staff accountable for delivering strong financial performance…..

ethics training and education and its impact on corporate behaviour globally

The topic debate is:  Ethics training and education and its impact on corporate behaviour globally.

Student 1:  ((Ethics education and training will reduce corporate collapses globally in the future)).


It is a Debate I will do the student 1 there is a folder with the instructions of Debate in the folder I downloaded

-I need example and evidence in the debate to proof ((Ethics education and training will reduce corporate collapses globally in the future)).

-it should have information about Global Citizenship and it is the high mark in the assignment.

-there are different case we should use from them to evidence my opinion.

(-Arthur Andersen And Enron.

-Australian wheat board.

-Chartwell enterprises.

-HIH insurance Group. -James Hardie industries.

-Lehman Brothers.

-Robert Maxwell.

-National Australia bank.