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Identify 3 articles and provide a summary of each within 500 of more words. Provide the articles in proper APA format and a brief summary below it.


Selecting a Topic

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You have read several journal articles at this point and may have an idea for your dissertation topic feel free to align this with your ideal dissertation topic. The topic must be related to any topics covered thus far in the course. Use this template to gather ideas.



Selecting a Topic

Choose a topic that interests you must be Information Technology related, use and answer the following questions to help generate a topic.

· Do you have a strong opinion on a current….

Video Security Vendors

Comments-1 100words.

Video security or surveillance has become the basic for physical security measures. There are ample of vendors offering video surveillance management. Here is a list of three.

Video Security Vendors

OnSSI or On-net Surveillance Systems Inc. offers video surveillance and management services based on Internet protocol. This NewYork based company’s main USP lies in their vendor-independent services. Among various video surveillance management services, OnSSI provides camera management, recordkeeping, command centre video display management and  similar basic security surveillance tasks (Saugmann Andersen, 2017). Among the advanced tasks, OnSSI provides activities for virtual control, access control and authentication for physical security requirements. The alerting service based on integrated and automated video content analysis adds to the success of OnSSI’s offerings.

Genetec Inc. is another bright solution in video security….

Discuss the impact of diversity to the development and management of the proposed information system.

Final Project – IT System Recommendation

For the Final Project, you are asked to write an eight-to ten-page research report (typed, double-spaced) in which you describe a company of your choice, the nature of its business, a specific product or service, and how that product or service is produced and distributed by the company and then recommend the information technology system you think should be in place and why. Address the following questions in narrative form (according to APA style). Be sure to provide examples and supporting rationale throughout the paper.

Company Background and Information Systems

What is the name, nature of business, and specific products or services of your chosen organization? How are the products or services produced and distributed by the company? Why are information systems….

Please identify and name the three (3) pillars of an open government, and provide a short description for each?

Global Economy:

Chapter 12 – From our weekly chapter reading, we learned that Crowdsourcing can be a very valuable tool for promoting and developing three main pillars of an open government.  According to the Executive Office of the President (2009), Open Government Directive, Crowdsourcing ideas in the public sector identifies and defines those three pillars as?

Q1: Please identify and name the three (3) pillars of an open government, and provide a short description for each?

a. identify and name the three (3) pillars of an open government

b. provide a short and clear narrative for each pillar to support your response

Chapter 13 – Our observations from the case study reading in the chapter material, Leadership and Management in Complex Systems research by Jager and van der….

The Role Of Blockchain In Information Governance

While blockchain is successful with cryptocurrencies, it is also beneficial for information governance in businesses. After reading this article  (, discuss at least two ways you foresee blockchain transforming information governance in businesses. Be sure to utilize sources and provide at least one detailed example of your findings.

Provide an outside source that applies to the topic, along with additional information about the topic or the source (please cite properly in APA)