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Discuss the pros and cons of the production and sale of vaping products as a business

Question 1 (100 points) Discuss the pros and cons of the production and sale of vaping products as a business.  Identify the potential ethical issues and how you resolve them, examine from the viewpoint of the business manufacturer/retailer/distributor and from the consumer (and parents if consumers are a minor).  Discuss the legislative measures some states are taking to prevent or limit this product and how you feel about it.  Provide examples of similar ethical dilemmas in a business and how the business decision makers handled it.  Use cited concepts from the textbook and cite any other sources used to defend your analysis.


Question 2 (100 points) Discuss Business and the Environment.  Provide an example of a current environmental and legal and/or ethical dilemma. How much of the….

write an essay on (1) conflicting gender roles of the family and (2) the effects of society either in different cultural context or racial background, and (3) the concepts or theories used to explain the interrelationships between males and females

As it goes “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” obviously there is a big difference between males and females when it comes to social interaction. There are gender differences in communication styles. Men and women don’t understand each other for the most part, which leads to misunderstandings and conflict. Arguments occur between a man and a woman or husband and wife because of different communication styles.

When the wife or girl asks the husband or the boy to do something or not to do something, the husband or boy may hear that in a different light. For example, the wife can say ‘the trash needs to be taken out’. This means that the wife wants the husband to take out the trash. What do you think that the husband will interpret it?


“Should Cross Burnings be Protected as a Form of Free Speech?”


Refer back to the two reading assignments for this unit. Then, write an essay that addresses the areas listed below.

Read “Should Cross Burnings be Protected as a Form of Free Speech?”, and address the elements listed below. Summarize the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in both of the cases that are excerpted in the handout. In a few words, explain why the court in R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul overturned the decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court. Explain why the court upheld the Virginia statute in Virginia v. Black. In Virginia v. Black, what did the court mean when it held that “just as any state may regulate only that obscenity which is the most obscene due to its prurient content, so too may a state choose to….

“Trump travel ban”. Was the ban ethical?


Per our discussion in class, the topic for this writing assignment will be what is being called the “Trump travel ban”. You should look up the ban itself, news stories on its’ implementation, who was impacted and what impact it is or was expected to have.

Topics for discussion include but are not limited to:

1 Was the ban ethical

2 Was the refusal of the Attorney General to enforce prosecution and defend the order ethical

3 Was Trump firing the Attorney General over her position ethical

4 Is the protesting of individuals, their arrest if such occurs, an ethical action

5 Trump’s administration has suggested that the ban will be in place and enforced despite the findings of several circuit judges’ statements, the law is not….

critically reflect on criminological theories and how they are represented in the music you listen to

This paper is for you to critically reflect on criminological theories and how they are represented in the music you listen to. Pick a song and describe how it represents at least two criminological theories. Your paper should provide a summary of the song, an explanation of the best criminological theory that applies to the song and a second theory that could also fit the song. The paper should develop a full explanation of why those theories apply to the song.

Length: Between 2-3 pages double spaced (excluding lyrics)



·  Summarize the song


·  Use theory to analyze the song lyrics

·  What theory does the song best represent?  How?  Why?

·  Use lyrics/quotations from the song to back up components of the theory

·  Does….