For this essay you should choose an area of uk policy such as poverty and / or social exclusion, early years care, or medical ethics. If you would like to address an area other than one of these, please discuss with your seminar tutor.
You should also choose a specific time period which you must give in your title. You should then explore how policy in the uk in your chosen area has evolved over this named time period. You should give consideration to the role of contextual issues such as the rise of children’ rights, the impact of the media, the role of national politics and changing constructions of childhood. You should illustrate your argument with real or hypothetical case studies and examples. Make sure that you do not simply describe a situation. Instead, you need to develop a critical discussion which explores the factors, situations and events that have influenced the development of policy. You must use the main title ‘Explorative Essay’, followed by your own title, which should include your policy area and the time span you are addressing.


Explorative Essay: Poor children in a country surrounded by wealth; Has Child poverty been effectively addressed by government policy between 1997 – 2019.



What is poverty. How is it effecting our children/ what policy are we currently using?




The coalition government released their first child poverty stategy in 2011

Case study of jenny single parent of 3 children living with disabilities. Shes been living in temporary accomadation for 12 years under the constant threat of eviction. Where was the policy to give jenny permanent accomadation and security for her family