Figure P11-5 shows a stepped shaft supported by two 6300-series bearings. Two gears with equal and opposite torque are keyed to the shaft as shown. The load on each gear consists of a radial component and a tangential component, which acts at diameter D. The radial component on each gear is 0.466 times the tangential component on that gear. Note that the gear loads are 90 degrees out of phase from gear 1 to gear 2. For the data in the row(s) assigned from Table P11-2, select a suitable bearing (from Figure 11-23 for a 10% failure rate) for bearing 2. Choose the bearing that has the least bore diameter and meets the load-rating requirement. Specify bearing number, bore, OD, width (all in mm) and the basic dynamic load rating of the bearing. Ignore the axial load given in the table.