Case Study:Mrs. Crowley is the chief operating officer (COO) of a tourism resort in northern Queensland. A core component of her role as COO is to predict, plan for and implement necessary changes to the resorts core services. Guests staying at the resort primarily travel to the region to enjoy the surrounding environment, including natural attractions such as the Daintree rainforest, Great Barrier Reef and Wallaman Falls. Where possible, the resort likes to facilitate their guests travel to these natural attractions. However, over recent years their courtesy car and bus fleet has become increasingly run down. This has frustrated employees of the resort who enjoyed facilitating this service and overtime developed a level of expertise and experience in describing the importance of these natural sites. Adding to frustrations, the employees have had to watch other tourism services offering this exact service become more and more successful! Some good news is on the horizon, however. The Queensland state government has decided to invest in sustainable tourism development and a considerable sum of money is available to those tourism operations who can demonstrate their ability to provide educational and sustainable tourism services to their clients. This initiative is considered critical as sustainable tourism is an increasingly popular form of tourism consumption. There are fears that if tourism in Queensland doesn’t respond to this market trend it could be surpassed by other states or international destinations as the ‘must visit’ location for environmental attractions. Knowing this, Mrs. Crowley is very keen to secure access to some of the promised investment capital. However, she is aware that to receive any money from the state government she must demonstrate her resorts ability to innovate and provide a sustainable tourism service. Assessment Details:You need to complete a research report, investigating the feasibility of an innovation strategy for the example case presented above. As part of this feasibility report you will need to: • Identify and discuss internal and external factors facing the organisation and conduct a thorough analysis of the current condition of the organisation by using three of the following different strategic analysis frameworks (Porter’s five forces is compulsory).o Porter’s Five Forces Model (refer to lecture 6)? Degree of existing rivalry? Threat of potential entrants? Bargaining power of suppliers? Bargaining powers of buyers? Threat of substitutes o Stakeholders analysis (refer to lecture 6)? Strategic stakeholder analysis? Normative stakeholder analysis o Porter’s Value Chain Model (refer to lecture 6)? Primary activities? Support activities o PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal), o SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)• Identify and evaluate three (3) potential innovation opportunities the organisation in the case study can explore.• Critically assess and evaluate one (1) of these innovation opportunities (idea) and develop a detailed plan the case study organisation would like to implement (detailed plan of implementation). • Discuss a process to review and monitor the progress of this innovation opportunity the case study organisation would like to employ.• Make sure the innovative opportunity is linked to technological innovation and provision of a sustainable tourism service. Write a 3000-word research report following the suggested structure/criteria provided below and submit the assessment in a single Microsoft Word document via the Assessment 2 Upload link on the Canvas system.Report Structure:It is suggested you use the following sections and headings to structure your research report. • Report preliminaries: Title page, executive summary, table of contents. • Introduction: Outline the nature of the industry applicable to the case study organisation. Provide a brief description of the purpose and aim of the report. Briefly identify the importance of understanding environmental factors and their role in shaping business innovation. • Body: Present theoretical/conceptual research justifying the need for organisations to consider their external and internal environment. You will have to analyse three different strategic analysis frameworks to assess the current condition of the organisation. Porter’s five forces is compulsory. Present findings of research into factors affecting the organisation described within the case study. Discuss implications of these findings to present three (3) opportunities to innovate (using theoretical/conceptual evidence to support opinion). Choose the most favourable innovation option and describe in detail (including a plan for its implementation and means by which to monitor and control once implemented). • Conclusion: Link the arguments presented in the body to form sound and logical conclusions. • Recommendations: In line with conclusions, offer specific recommendations designed to aid in achievement of the selected innovation initiative