My proposal is about a Systematic review of a clinical intervention in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes, it is like the NICE guideline of type 1 diabetes. Could you research for at least 100 studies as literature review and analyze them with some critical appraisal and try to find the gap or misunderstanding of knowledge and suggest some solution, because in the end my supervisor need a new guideline. I will upload two files with my request, first one is the instruction of the proposal and the other one is template. The template are divided into 10 sections so please could you follow the instruction for each sections. Could you send to me the introduction and methodology within this week because I have a meeting with my supervisor. In the end please send me the articles that you use it or its title to attachment with it.

About the draft could you send it to me within 3 days.

thanks a lot

My Regards.

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