Comparative Historical Communication

As you listen to the broadcast, take notes. What is the experience of listening like? Is it easy to assimilate the information? Why? Why not? Did it set you thinking about the content of some of the readings … (Ong, Havelock, etc). Then, take your notes and write up a short memo (two to three pages, A4, Times New Roman, 1,5 space), on the experience of listening to the broadcast.


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Bobsville Crisis Communication Plan

Further develop your Crisis Communication Plan by updating it according to the top Natural hazard facing Bobsville as identified in your Hazard Vulnerability Assessment that you developed in EDMG101. Your….

Using Social Media in the workplace to communicate

Choose one of the topics below as the focus for your assignments: A. Using Social Media in the workplace to communicate B. Communicating companywide employee recognition C. Boosting workplace motivation….