The Wizard of Oz: A Parable on PopulismPreview the document

The Fable of the Allegory The Wizard of OZ in EconomicsPreview the document

Writing Assignment for Essay 1

After reading both articles describe the parody that L. Frank Baum supposedly meant the “Wonderful Wizard of OZ” to portray. Do you find the assertion of the allegory persuasive or is the connection between the “Wonderful Wizard of OZ” and the economic situation at the turn of the century itself a fable as the Hansen article asserts?

Signs of Friction a Portrait of America at Century’s End from A Fierce DiscontentPreview the document

Compare and Contrast the lives of the wealthy “10” and the lives of those who made up the working and farming classes of America. How do the ideas of “individualism” and “mutualism” help to define the differences between the various classes? Were farm families more like the wealthy “10” of the urban working families?
Be very detailed and specific in your essay. Be sure to use the conventions and writing guidelines established for the course.