During Weeks One, Two, and Three, you will create a blog entry. A blog (short for web log) is an electronic journal used to communicate thoughts and ideas using text, images, audio and video. Unlike the portfolios, please type directly into the textbox for the Week One, Two, and Three blogs. Do not submit an attachment. Use the image and video functions in the HTML editor to tastefully insert media. See here:

Week One: Your Professional Philosophy e-Portfolio Artifact


For this week’s blog, you will compose a Professional Philosophy Statement, sometimes referred to as a work statement. This can be a valuable document to include with an application or portfolio, but it is also helpful preparation for interview questions. This statement will be included as part of your final e-Portfolio that is due in Week Four. Your Professional Philosophy Statement should be 250-500 words.

As you consider what to include in your statement, keep in mind the things that employers find valuable: organization, resourcefulness, work ethic, creativity, motivation, perseverance, adaptability, strong written and verbal communication, and so on. You can address technical skills that you possess, but do not overlook “soft” skills like solid time-management and those listed above.

Do not simply detail your work experience; that is what your resume is for. Instead, the Professional Philosophy Statement should encapsulate your personal perspective or approach to work—any kind. What do you believe in? What do you bring to the workplace? What is unique to you? What will you do to help you and your colleagues succeed?


Who are you?

Put your best foot forward, but always present an authentic picture of yourself. Do not fabricate or exaggerate. This is also not a cover letter, so don’t pretend you are applying for a job. This is an articulation of who you are and what you believe in.

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Many find it helpful to share a brief anecdote that highlights a personal viewpoint towards hard work. This I Believeis a website that calls itself a “public dialog about belief.” Note how many of the essays focus on a story and highlight one’s core philosophies.

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See some of these examples:

This I Believe: That Through Hard Work, Anything Can Be Achieved

A Duty to Family, Heritage and Country

We Make Our Own Destiny

You may also consider touching on current trends within your field and how you keep up with such trends. For example, do you belong to a professional organization? Do you subscribe to a specific trade journal, or have you been to any professional conferences or workshops? If so, what is one piece of knowledge or a specific skill you acquired that you have utilized, or plan to utilize, in your day to day work?


Before you click submit, double-check grammar and spelling. This statement reflects your professionalism!

Blogs should include a visual presence. Consider adding a graphic, photo, or other visual element to your blogs to earn full credit on the rubric. Remember, do not attach files. Type and insert media directly into the textbox.

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