VCE ENGLISH — Unitl OUTCOME 2 —1 Oral Presentation
Construct a sustained and reasoned point of view on an issue currently debated in the media.
TASK: Present a speech in which you argue a coherent case for a specified audience. Your argument must be based on one of the following issues attached.
Duration: 5 minutes Proforma: Complete the proforma and submit this when you present your argument. Props: You SHOULD use palm cards to support your oral presentation. Do NOT simply read from your notes, as this will certainly NOT enable you to engage or persuade your audience. You will be required to film this speech over the summer break and submit by the end of Week 2, 2021.
1. Research your argument. – Look for information about both sides of the issue. This will help you understand why your issue is important. – Look for opinions not just news reports to help you form a view. – Compile detailed notes on the issue that you will be able to understand.
This task requires you to present an ARGUMENT —NOT simply a REPORT stating facts!!! Present your argument powerfully and persuasively to convince your audience.
2. Prepare your Argument
• Understand the issue — list ideas for both sides of the argument • Position your argument (CONTENTION) • Create a strong Contention – this can be done by briefly acknowledging the other side of the argument • Select some main ideas to support your argument • Use appropriate evidence — e.g. facts; personal experiences; expert opinion — to support each main idea • Decide what persuasive strategies you will use to persuade your audience. Remember, your task is to bring your audience onside. You need to connect with your audience, engage them, and persuade them.