Construct an ERD to represent accounts in a database for personal financial software. The software supports checking accounts, credit cards, and two kinds of investments (mutual funds and stocks). No other kinds of accounts are supported, and every account must fall into one of these account types. For each kind of account, the software provides a separate data entry screen. The following list describes the fields on the data entry screens for each kind of account:

• For all accounts, the software requires the unique account identifier, the account name, date established, and the balance.

• For checking accounts, the software supports attributes for the bank name, the bank address, the checking account number, and the routing number.

• For credit cards, the software supports attributes for the credit card number, the expiration date, and the credit card limit.

• For stocks, the software supports attributes for the stock symbol, the stock type (common or preferred), the last dividend amount, the last dividend date, the exchange, the last closing price, and the number of shares (a whole number).

• For mutual funds, the software supports attributes for the mutual fund symbol, the share balance (a real number), the fund type (stock, bond, or mixed), the last closing price, the region (domestic, international, or global), and the tax-exempt status (yes or no