Convert the date to a unix time stamp using strtotime

Using the sources provided you are to add functionality to search for all blogs written before a specific date. The framework for the assignment is set for you

user.html                       Contains the HTML to prompt for a date

blog_user.php               PHP code to parse the html form and call the function to search by date

blog_db_interface.php  PHP code to perform the search

You will need to


Convert the date to a unix time stamp using strtotime()                         10 points

Verify the strtotime return value. On error throw an exception              10 points

Convert the unix time stamp to a date and time string using date()       10 points

Verify the date functionality. On error throw an exception                      10points

If all is OK then call the function to peform the search


Implement the SQL query to perform the search and display the results

Process errors from calling  “prepare”,  “execute” and “bind_results”

All errors should result in an exception thrown                                 10 points

Search result should display “Blogger’s name”  “Blog Summary”                  10 points

What to turn in (as a single ZIP)

Submit your modified source files: blog_user.php and  blog_db_interface.php

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