Following Same request for : TTs130121_5082_77.Online Book Keeping Business idea Report
Kindly prepare another Report :
Create a detailed report based on a business idea “Online Bookkeeping . While
creating the report you are required to critically appraise and evaluate the following.(CLO1, CLO3, CLO4 –
Total 40 Marks)
a) Examine the process and the elements/metrics used to select or discharge your idea based on the
brainstorming exercise during the class.(CLO 1 and CLO 3 –Marks 10)
b) Appraise the product/service idea using relevant data that you’ve developedbased on the theories and
frameworks of entrepreneurship discussed in class. (CLO 4 -10 Marks)
c) Determine your likely customers and justify the various customer problems/needs your entrepreneurial
venture will address. ( CLO 3 and CLO 4 –Marks 7)
d) Identify and evaluate you competitors.(CLO 4 -Marks 7)
e) Propose the various possible alliances/partnersthat are necessary to shape your idea (CLO 4 -Marks 6)
Total word limit: 2000