Overview: In Assignment 1, students are expected to demonstrate their level of understanding and skill attained through practicing the workshops from week 2-4. The assignment has two parts (Part A: 14%, Part B: 16%). Environment Setup: You need to use the AWS Educate (classroom) account created for you, along with Cloud9 as development environment as well as S3 and DynamoDB as AWS services. You will find these tools by AWS Console in your classroom account. It is expected that you already have completed the setup of the development environment (e.g., installing java, AWS SDK, maven etc.), following week 2 workshop document on Cloud9. You need to use AWS SDK v2.5 of both S3 and DynamoDB for completing this assignment. Other version of the SDK will not be accepted. Part A (14%): Create a Java app using maven in Cloud9 to first create and then read an S3 object. Tasks • Create an empty S3 bucket named your SCU user name-a1-s3bucket (e.g., mine one would be pchakrab15-a1-s3bucket). Update the Block public access and the Bucket Policy, so that the bucket objects are publicly accessible. • Create an app in Cloud9 with maven using appropriate commands shown in workshop. The app should have the following characteristics: o App/project name: your SCU usernamea1s3app (e.g., mine one would be pchakraba1s3app). o Package name: assgn1.s3app.