“If necessary, create a new project named Introductory20 Project and save it in the Cpp8\Chap14 folder. Also create a new source file named Introductory20.cpp. Create a program that saves prices in a sequential access file. Save the prices in fixed-point notation with two decimal places. Name the sequential access file Introductory20.txt and open the file for append. Use a negative number as the sentinel value. Save and then run the program. Enter the following prices and sentinel value: 10.50, 15.99, and –1. Now, run the program again. This time, enter the following prices and sentinel value: 20, 76.54, 17.34, and –1. Open the Introductory20.txt file in a text editor. The file should contain five prices, with each price appearing on a separate line in the file. Close the Introductory20.txt file”