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For the GCFLearnFree Power Tutorials assignment I want you to complete the tutorials listed below. You are required to view the whole tutorial (do as much of the hands-on activities as possible) and do as many of the Challenges at the end of the tutorials as possible. You will need to create the presentation described below the list of tutorials. Completing this PowerPoint Assignment is worth 25 points.

Before attempting this project you should cover the following tutorials in GCFLearnFree.org for PowerPoint 2019:

PowerPoint Basics

1. Getting Started With PowerPoint

3. Creating and Opening Presentations

4. Saving and Sharing

Working with Slides

5. Slide Basics

6. Text Basics

7. Applying Themes

8. Applying Transitions

9. Managing Slides

12. Presenting Your Slide Show

Texts and Objects

13. Lists

14. Indents and Line Spacing

15. Inserting Pictures

16. Formatting Pictures

19. Animating Text and Objects

More Objects

21. Inserting Audio


Rochelle Waters is the owner of the ArtWorks Gallery in Largo, Maryland. The gallery exhibits art from local and national artists and works with corporations throughout the country to procure artwork for their buildings and offices. Rochelle is a graduate of the Prince George’s Community College in Largo, and occasionally visits classes to encourage students to pursue a career in the visual arts. She wants to create a presentation that briefly describes her gallery and explains how to submit art to be exhibited there. You will create this presentation for Rochelle by entering and formatting text, photos, and diagrams. Each students’ photos and images should be different, keep it fun and unique.

Complete the following steps to create a presentation:

1. Create a new, blank presentation using PowerPoint 2019 named ArtWorksXX where the XX are your initials and save it.

2. On the title slide, enter ArtWorks: Contemporary Art Gallery as the title and your name as the subtitle.

3. Add a new Slide 2 with the Title and Content layout, enter About ArtWorks as the slide title, and then in the content placeholder enter the following text:

Contemporary art

Historic neighborhood

Specializing in art for corporate settings

Rotating exhibitions






4. Create a new Slide 3 with the Title and Content layout. Add Artists Seeking Representation as the slide title, and then enter the following text as a numbered list:

Create a CD or DVD of your images and send it to the gallery.

Include a brief biography and list of achievements.

Write “New Artist Submission” on the envelope.

Contact Rochelle Waters for more information.

5. Create a new Slide 4 using the Two Content layout. Add For More Information as the slide title.

6. Move the last numbered item on Slide 3 (“Contact Rochelle Waters for more information”) to the left content placeholder on Slide 4.

7. On Slide 4, delete the bullet symbol or numbered list format from the text you moved, and then add the following text as the next two items in the unnumbered list:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 301-546-2427

8. Change the font size of the text on this and all slides to at least 30 points.

9. Delete the text “for more information.” from the left placeholder, including the period. Add a new line with the text Gallery owner below the “Contact Rochelle Waters” line.

10. In the right placeholder, insert a suitable image for Rochelle. Reposition the photo appropriately on the slide.

11. Change the presentation theme to Frame and keep the default variant.

12. Insert a new Slide 3 using the Title and Content layout.

13. Move the “Rotating exhibitions” bullet and its sub-items from Slide 2 to the content placeholder on Slide 3. Its sub-items cover from Lithographs to Sculpture. Increate the font size of the bulleted list to 30 points. Move the “Rotating exhibitions” text to the title placeholder, and then edit the text so it appears as “Rotating Exhibitions”.

14. Return to Slide 2 and change its layout to Two Content.

15. In the right content placeholder, insert a suitable image for an art gallery.

16. Return to Slide 3 and change its layout to Two Content.

17. In the right content placeholder, insert a suitable image for a painting.

18. Resize the photos appropriately on the slides.

19. Check the spelling in the presentation, save the changes to the presentation, and then review the slide show in Slide Show, Presenter, and Reading views.

20. Apply transitions to all slides and sound were effective.

21. Save the presentation and submit it into the Blackboard assignment.