Digital Recording Studio

A client has contracted you to put together their digital recording studio. For your final assignment this week, you will set up their studio, which includes the following components:

· SSL Alpha-link MADI SX A/D Converter

· SSL MADI Xtreme 64 PCIe audio card

· Benchmark DAC2 DX 2-channel D/A converter

· JCF Audio AD8 high-end 8-channel A/D converter

· Apple 8-Core Mac Pro computer

· (2) True Systems Precision 8 mic preamps

· Grace Design M801 8-ch high-end mic preamp

· Apogee Big Ben

· (2) Dynaudio BM6A monitors

· (1) Dynaudio BM 9S subwoofer

Create a signal flow chart of the studio set up. Specifically indicate each connection, including specs (cable and connection type, impedance if appropriate, number of channels, throughput, etc.). This will involve a little research on your part. Be sure to indicate both audio and clocking information, whether internal or external, separate or embedded. Finally, indicate the data throughput and storage space needed, assuming simultaneous 24-track recording at 24-bit/96 kHz.

Post an image of your signal-flow diagram using the instructions below. You can attach an image you created in your graphics program, or a scanned image of a paper drawing. Please use the file types .jpg, .gif, .png, or .pdf.