COM205: Week 8 Assignment Page 3


Worksheet: Speech Project – Draft (Part II)

Assignment Overview

In this assignment, you will do peer review for speech project part I, and then you will write a draft of your persuasive speech using the research you found in Week 6. You will analyze the audience, select the appropriate pattern of organization, and develop an effective speech introduction and conclusion.

Assignment Details:

Perform the following tasks:

· Complete Speech Project Part I peer review by Wednesday (you can view a peer review notification in your Dashboard To Do sidebar).

· Complete the reading assignment and the interactive lesson before attempting this assignment.

· Write a 450 to 500 word draft of a persuasive speech, using the research found in Week 6.

· To complete the assignment:

· Organize your speech similar to this order:

· Introduction that grabs attention

· Argument 1

· Argument 2

· Argument 3

· Conclusion that seals the persuasive intent

· Use this structure (or one similar) to create an outline that details the persuasive arguments or evidence from your research that you will use.

· Develop your draft:

· Create the introduction, something that will grab the audience attention. This could be a startling statistic or a quick personal story of success.

· Use your e-textbook and the lecture for guidance.

· Write a conclusion that ties back to the introduction and brings resolve to the arguments presented in favor of your goal.

· Put all of these pieces together with some transitions that make the speech flow.

· Read the speech aloud; try it out on friends or family to get feedback for areas that you are struggling with completing.

· Time your speech. It should be about 3 to 5 minutes in length.

· Check your written draft against unintended plagiarism.

· Spell check your summary.

· Use the proper naming convention when saving your assignment:

· COM205_wk8_assn_jsmith_mmddyyy

· Submit your assignment for peer review by Sunday.

· Once a peer review has been assigned, you can view a notification in your Dashboard To Do sidebar.

· Conduct peer review and provide constructive feedback. Your peer review is due on Wednesday (in Week 10).


Criteria Possible Points Points Achieved
Completed Speech Project Part I peer review and provided constructive feedback. 20  
Speech Project Draft (Part II)
Composed an attention grabbing introduction. 10  
Composed a first section that includes persuasive arguments for the topic. 10  
Composed a second section that includes persuasive arguments for the topic. 10  
Composed a third section that includes persuasive arguments for the topic. 10  
Composed a conclusion that links back to the introduction. 10  
Cited two resources of information. 10  
Assignment contained no spelling, grammar or mechanical errors. 10  
Total Possible Points 90  




Assignment Worksheet

[Using the structure suggested in the Assignment Details, write the draft of your speech here.]