Create weekly, monthly and quarterly expense reports, including employee success and revenue reports.


May 2007 – to Date



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2007-05 – Current


Safety Engineer

Setraco Nigeria Limited, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

· Reviewed production work processes to detect possible safety concerns, drafting corrective measures where appropriate.

· Interfaced with medical personnel to maintain optimal worker health standards based on monitorial testing.

· Designed engineering solutions when facilities or equipment failed safety inspection, verifying future compliance with appropriate guidelines.

· Oversaw third-party contractor operations to maintain Safe standards while operating on site.

· Drafted guidelines for hazard control programs such as fall protection, electrical safety and air quality guidelines.

· Supported safety inspection, providing information and facilities guidance to OSHA inspectors during walk-throughs.

· Assisted in worksite incident investigations, helping to determine cause and fault to ascertain liability.

· Developed and enacted safety and quality control plans.

· Designed safety protocol drills for fires, accidents, spills and other emergency situations and evacuation.

· Proctored safety and health training for personnel, reducing safety incident rates to a reasonably practicable standard.

· Designed safety protocol drills for fires, accidents, spills and other emergency situations.

· Tested materials and equipment for safety concerns, verifying compliance with Regulatory Bodies.

· Reviewed standard operating procedures against optimal safety standards to verify company conformance and employee adherence with policies.

· Contributed to training measures and communicated all safety procedures and heavy-duty equipment safety and proper operational procedures to new personnel.

· Oversaw safety strategy progress and maintained compliance with deadlines to support standards and process optimization for over 8000 workers.

· Conducted research to evaluate safety levels for products.

· Evaluated potential health hazards or possible damage from product misuse.

· Assessed overall company safety, identified areas in need of improvement and spearheaded changes to protect personnel.

· Evaluated current safety program standards and program performance, identified trends and implemented corrective actions.

· Performed regular safety hazard assessments to reduce risks and promote positive behaviors at all levels.

· Investigated industrial accidents, injuries or occupational diseases to determine causes and preventive measures.





feb 2007 – may 2007

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2007-02 – 2007-05


Human Resources Assistant and Material Handler

Construction Services Nigeria Limited (CSI), Warri, Delta State

· Improved productivity initiatives while coordinating itineraries and scheduling appointments.

· Assisted with meetings and presentations within company.

· Administered compensation, benefits and performance management systems and safety and recreation programs.

· Performed various administrative functions, including filing paperwork, delivering mail, sorting mail, office cleaning and bookkeeping.

· Tracked various statistics and kept detailed records to support human resources department and for all tools and equipment for onward offshore mobilization.

· Prepared monthly, weekly and daily logs using Microsoft Office Suite.

· Created and completed personnel action forms for all hires, terminations, title changes and terminations.

· Scheduling shift and mobilizing staff going offshore.

feb 2006 – feb 2007

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2006-02 – 2007-02


Intern (Instrument Technician)

Delattre Bezons Nigeria Limited (DBN), Warri, Delta State

· Enhanced collaboration between team members by preparing meeting materials and taking clear notes to distribute to stakeholders.

· Delivered clerical support by efficiently handling wide range of routine and special requirements.

· Sorted and organized materials such as physical files, tracking spreadsheets and reports.

· Kept physical files and digitized records organized for easy updating and retrieval by authorized team members.

· Completed clerical tasks such as filing, copying and distributing mail.

· Represented company at Safety Meetings, trade shows and had direct interaction with clients.

· Participated in cross-functional team-building activities.

· Participated in carrying out Non-Destructive Testing on Pipes and vessels


jan 2005- feb 2006

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2005-01 – 2006-02


Paralegal Assistant

COZ Obiekwe Chambers, Enugu , Enugu State

· Established law library database accuracy by maintaining legal records to regulate disparities and perform updates.

· Conferred with clients and other involved parties to gather and track case information.

· Aided legal crews by researching records and documents for case details.

· Researched Property laws and regulations and delivered analysis and assessments to Principals.

· Directed and coordinated law office activities, including service of subpoenas and scheduling of depositions.

· Reviewed regulations regarding procedures and requirements for class action suits.

· Developed relationships among lawyers to facilitate knowledge-sharing and expertise.

· Conducted detailed client intakes and entered information into company database.

· Created weekly, monthly and quarterly expense reports, including employee success and revenue reports.

· Taking Notes for the principal during legal briefs, motions and pleadings.

· Collected, drafted and maintained resources to provide comprehensive materials accessible to all firm lawyers.



1999- sept 2000

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1999-09 – 2000-09


Internship Student (Mechanical Workshop)

Reynolds Construction Company (RCC), Enugu, Enugu State

· Performed troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of small equipment.

· Participated in Safety supervision and Preparing Equipment on site Reports.

· Participated in overhauling and maintenance of Caterpillar Engines.

· Assisted in keeping records for all Preventive maintenance carried out on all equipment.

· Carrying out daily routine maintenance on equipment with the equipment daily routine maintenance checklist.




oct 1998 -jan 1999

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1998-10 – 1999-01


Internship Student

Nigerian Bottling Company, Enugu, Enugu State

· Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently arriving to work ready to start immediately.

· Participated in Daily analysis of the quality of Carbon Dioxide Produced.

· Participated in the overhauling and Maintenance of CO2 gas and cooling compressor.

· Reporting Area of Impending Problem to the Plant Superintendent.






JAn 2012 – jan 2013



Post Graduate Diploma in Education

University of Maiduguri – FCT College of Education Study Center

· Graduated with 3.47 GPA

· Research Topic; Home and School Influence on study habits of Primary School Pupils in Kubwa, Bwari Area Council, FCT Abuja




Sept 1998- sept 2004


1998-09 – 2021-09













Higher National Diploma: Chemical Engineering

Institute Of Management And Technology Enugu – Enugu State, Nigeria

· Graduated with 3.15 GPA Upper Credit

· Research Topic; Research on Bleaching of Palm Oil Using Activated Charcoal and Activated Ukpo Clay .










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