You will complete a paper approximately 10 – 15 pages in length to analyze the requirements needed to effectively manage a patient experiencing a complex health problem. The focus should include the physical and psychosocial needs of the individual and the family.

Select a client you have known or are currently working with who has any complex health problem related to course content. You may also use a family member, friend, or neighbor who you have access to. The following information should be provided:

A brief introduction to the patient and family. Provide a genogram in this section. (4 points)
A summary of health problems/diseases that the patient has experienced. Include the current problem and past medical history in this section. A table or outline form can be used to present this information. (4 points)
Describe the pathophysiology related to the disease. Include the current textbook treatment options for the disorder. Also identify any new treatments for this disorder. Compare the textbook readings to the client’s treatment options. (8 points)
Select a nursing theorist who would be relevant for use in the situation provided. Provide your rationale for the selection of the theorist. Give some examples of application of the nursing theory for this client. (4 points)
Present an analysis of the factors or issues that need to be addressed to effectively manage the care of the patient (you may select one aspect of the illness for this portion of the paper). Include physical and psychosocial issues in this area of the paper. (6 points)
Provide a clinical pathway or nursing care plan (You may photocopy or use a pre-printed version of a pathway or NCP). (2 points)
Present an analysis of how the health problem of the client affects the significant family members. Consider family cultural influences, values, and dynamics in this section of the paper. (6 points)
Summarize your conclusions and recommendations of the case. (2 points)
APA format and references are to be used. (4 points)

Text book used is Critical Care Nursing seventh edition by Linda Urden, Kathleen Stacy, and Mary Lough