Critical Policy Analysis 

Instructions for the Critical Policy Analysis Presentation (10 points)


In addition to completing the critical essay you will be required to defend your essay in the form of a presentation. Below are the expectations for the presentation:

– The presentation should be brief but comprehensive enough for the class to grasp the central thesis. – The presentation should align with your critical policy analysis paper and should include an introduction of your policy, the issues as well as suggested policy change and conclusion. Supporting evidence to your defense should be clearly stated in your presentation.- Class presentations should be at minimum 7 minutes but no more than 15 minutes*Note: the syllabus states no more than 7 minutes but this has been changed to a maximum of 15 minutes*– No videos can be used within the presentation- Presentations should be in the form of PowerPoint (no more than 10 slides), YouTube, or a source that allows the class and the instructor to hear and see one narrate their presentation.

Do you agree with the author’s argument? 

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What would you advise her to do if you were head of human resources or legal counsel for Generic Pharma, Inc.

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write a 4- to 5-page justification report in Microsoft Word document.

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