critical review

For this assignment select carefully THREE suitable published papers (original research articles) from journals in Healthcare Science and prepare a critical review of the experimental design and statistical analysis used (2,250-2,500 words).
The papers selected do not have to be on the same specific topic. Each paper should describe work carried out by a different research group.
Word penalty applies (excludes list of references):
2,500 – 2,700 words – 5 marks
2,700 – 2,900 words – 10 marks
> 2,900 words – 15 marks
On submitting your assignment, it will be checked by Turnitin.
Marketing criteria

Information sourced & referenced /10

Appropriate texts/reviews /papers sourced for the topic
Accurately referenced [ HARVARD]

For each paper /80

Summary of paper findings (concise details of main i.e. most relevant points)

Critical comment on research hypotheses (well-defined specific and allows gathering of data suitable to accept or reject the statement)

Critical comment on experimental design (suitability of sample selection criteria, sample size, reduction of confounding factors, replication, randomisation, cross-sectional, placebo controlled, in-vitro vs in-vivo, proposed data analyses etc.)

Critical comment on data presentation (effective use of tables/figures)

Critical comment on data analyses (suitability of statistical tests used)

Consideration of Health and Safety aspects

Comparisons made between papers and contrasts clearly identified

Critical comment on conclusions drawn from each paper and the reasoning provided

Overall Presentation /10
Document quality -use of IT; overall layout

original assignment not plagiarized.

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