Define colour as it relates to Visual Arts and Craft.



Visual Arts & Craft


Subject: Visual Arts and Craft Topic: Painting & Mixed Media Subtopic: Intro/Colour Theory Note that this information should have been in your artpad, so all you have to do is take a picture and submit your work. You MUST submit the mixing and labelling of (Primary) colours that we did in class.


1. Define the three (3) words and terms below, as they relate to Visual Arts and Craft.

Painting —

Medium —

Mixed Media —


2. Name at least three correct items under each heading.

Three (3) MATERIALS Three (3) TOOLS One (1) Dry Medium One (1) Wet Medium






3. Define colour as it relates to Visual Arts and Craft.


5. Insert the correct answers in each space below the instructions.

E.g. One ( 1) Characteristic, or property of colour Three (2) more

Characteristics, or properties of colour

Three (3)

Primary colours

Two (2)

Secondary Colours

Three (3)

Inter-mediate Colours

Two (2)

Light colours


Two (2)

Warm colours


Two (2)

Cool colours


One (1)

A pair of Complementary colours

Three (3)



Two (2)

Dark colours


Two (2)

Warm colours



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